Tuesday, March 2, 2010

30 before 30 :: Seattle Portrait Photographer

When one of my best friends mentioned a list he made detailing the things he wanted to accomplish before he reached a certain age, I thought he was genius and I wanted to jump in the game as well.

In no particular order (other than Egypt which is definitely #1), here are the 30 things I want to do before I turn 30.

1) travel to Egypt

2) travel to Easter Island

3) travel to Sweden and visit the town where my Great Grandparents lived

4) travel to Japan

5) photograph in the desert

6) print a book filled with the photos I take on all these trips
7) fly in a helicopter

8) go skydiving

9) sing karaoke sober (I'm thinking Skeelo's “I Wish”)

10) legitimately win a game of pool

11) complete a ½ marathon

12) drive a motorcycle

13) rent a condo or apartment near a California beach for at least a week & relax, relax, relax

14) take a surfing lesson

15) have boudoir photos taken

16) shoot the “White/Lemon” idea that's been stuck in my head for the past year

17) go zip-lining

18) go white water rafting

19) take a yoga class

20) finally go to Mt St Helens (I’m a bad Washingtonian)

21) attend a photography workshop

22) try snowboarding

23) host a dinner party and prepare a 5 course meal for my guests

24) have a spa day

25) go parasailing

26) visit lava fields in Hawaii

27) score a goal in one of my hockey games (not just during a pick-up game)

28) take a risk with my hair without cutting it short (I did that in 1999 and wow…no bueno)

29) sell items using my photography (like greeting cards or postcards)
30) go polar bearing
If anyone has suggestions for the best spots to visit in the places I want to go, or helpful hints on accomplishing these things, or want to join me in some of these quests, let me know. :)

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{ CopyStrands } said...

I love your list! I will run a half marathon with you :)