Friday, November 12, 2010

it's been awhile...

...since my last post where i said i was going to get some r and r.

well, i got some (it was much needed), and then i promptly started working my butt off.

i feel fortunate that i get to do what i love, although sometimes this career field has me accepting a lot of jobs and putting things like a blog and twitter on the back burner, which is why there hasn't been much of my presence on either.

anyway, wanna see some pics? here's a hodge podge of stuff i've been up to the past month and a half...

#8 on my list

danielle and ryan's stateside wedding reception

Trent's senior photo session

the sinclair family's beach photo session

sophie's garden photo session

wedding table design for my aunt's company, creations by design

one year old puppy named cash

new headshots for charity

i also started photographing for jaxx, an awesome seattle boutique located on eastlake. they've partnered up with wrazz and are offering a killer 1/2 off deal for the next 2 days. click here to find out more about it. and if you need a suggestion on something to buy, i'm totally loving these jeans by gstar!