Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Giveaway Winner + Fashion Friday

First order of business is my giveaway winner! I'm SO sorry for not posting this yesterday. Long story short, I ran into some technical problems and couldn't put up this video announcing the winner (excuse the poor quality of my crappy video camera):

Congratulations Buttercup Caren! Email me at art_of_subtlety@yahoo.com and let me know your mailing address. I'll pop the print in the mailbox as soon as I hear from you.

Second order of business is Fashion Friday! Seattle Magazine wrote this article about Spun and used a photo I took during my most recent photo shoot for the clothing company.

I knew the issue would be out in January, so I stalked Barnes & Noble and QFC for days until the magazine was finally on their shelves. Yes, I'm probably a little too excited about this, but enthusiasm is a good thing, right? :)

On a side note, while I was in the magazine aisle I also spotted my photo for New York Cupcake's ad in Seattle Met Bride & Groom:

Anyway, here's a couple more pictures I shot of Spun owner/designer Sara Seumae (she's the one on the left in both pics) with her 3rd collection of spring wear (worn by model Bianca) available in March at fashionethic.com.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fashion Friday - Sarah's Kenzie-inspired Maternity Shoot

When Sarah contacted me about taking her maternity photos, she gave me some ideas of what she was looking for:

*she wanted to use her boots and cowboy hat
*she wanted to feel and look like the sexy woman she is
*she wanted some dark and shadowed pics

Then told me that she'd be up for whatever else I had in mind, so my inspiration search started and ended with this Kenzie ad in W Magazine:

When I saw the photo on the right side, I fell in love with the idea of shooting outdoors using some draping that could be blowing in the wind. It would look soft and feminine, which would work well with Sarah's pregnant belly, plus I thought it would be a nice contrast to the dark trees in the shooting location I had in mind. Also, I knew that we'd be doing some of the shoot in my studio in order to get the type of pictures she had in mind with the boots and hat, so I figured that it would be fun to mix it up a bit and do some outdoor shots too. I just wasn't sure what Sarah would be game for being that her shoot was scheduled for the first week of December and the forcast said it would be cold...really cold.

When I met up with her the day of the shoot, we were stoked that the sun was out and that it was above 20 degrees! :) While we were on the way to my studio, we drove by this little field that was covered in tall, pale yellow grass with a picture-perfect tree trunk in the middle. Right away we both knew that would be the location we'd shoot in after we were done in the studio.

Sarah photographed so well it was REALLY hard to narrow down the number of pictures to show you all, but here are my favorites from the studio:

Now for my favorites from the field. These first four are exactly what I had in mind after finding the Kenzie ad:

The location really drew me in and I immediately became inspired by the beauty around me and the GORGEOUS sunlight.

A million thank you's, Sarah, for being incredible to work with and for braving the cold during the photo session. You are beautiful, both inside and out, and I'm so excited to meet your son when he decides it's time to greet the world. :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

my first giveaway!

I've decided that it's about time to have a giveaway!

I've been asked if my "Summertime Laundry" print is for sale (it is), but wouldn't you like to win it instead of buying it?

All you've gotta do is become a blog follower by clicking on the "Subscribe to my blog!" box on the left side of the screen by January 20th and I'll randomly pick one of your names and send you the 5"x10" print. I'll announce the winner on my blog on January 21st.

Good luck! :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hello 2010!

Happy 2010 everyone! I've been playing catch up the last couple weeks which means my clients are seeing their proofs, my inbox is down to 3 emails (this one is a HUGE accomplishment!), my Twitter is up to date and my family and friends have actually seen my face without it being buried in a laptop or behind a camera. Unfortunately, my poor blog has suffered in this process and I apologize. However, I'm dedicating this week to my blog so you'll get to see who I've been spending my time with over the last month!

First up is Kiefer, who I know you'll recognize from this post and this one. I swear that he gets cuter and cuter every time I see him. Mama Celeste and daddy Josh are raising quite the ladies man. He's already flirting up a storm at 6 months old!

I love the shot below. The suspenders and the books in the background make him look like quite the little scholar. Makes me wish we had mini black rimmed glasses to put on him to complete the look. :)

Being that it was his first Christmas, Celeste thought it would be fun to do some holiday themed photos. We put him in a gift box and then did some super cute bum shots with a Santa hat. I'm sure Kiefer will love these photos when he gets older. :)

This last one is my favorite. I can still hear Kiefer laughing and it puts the biggest smile on my face. I have such a great job. :)