Friday, January 22, 2010

Giveaway Winner + Fashion Friday

First order of business is my giveaway winner! I'm SO sorry for not posting this yesterday. Long story short, I ran into some technical problems and couldn't put up this video announcing the winner (excuse the poor quality of my crappy video camera):

Congratulations Buttercup Caren! Email me at and let me know your mailing address. I'll pop the print in the mailbox as soon as I hear from you.

Second order of business is Fashion Friday! Seattle Magazine wrote this article about Spun and used a photo I took during my most recent photo shoot for the clothing company.

I knew the issue would be out in January, so I stalked Barnes & Noble and QFC for days until the magazine was finally on their shelves. Yes, I'm probably a little too excited about this, but enthusiasm is a good thing, right? :)

On a side note, while I was in the magazine aisle I also spotted my photo for New York Cupcake's ad in Seattle Met Bride & Groom:

Anyway, here's a couple more pictures I shot of Spun owner/designer Sara Seumae (she's the one on the left in both pics) with her 3rd collection of spring wear (worn by model Bianca) available in March at


Sara said...

I love you! xoxo -Sara

Aunt Becky said...

Amanda Dan,

Congratulations!! Your work in two magazines & the shots were great!! We are so proud of you!!
Keep up the good work. I'll be in touch about the pictures.

Aunt Becky said...

P.S. Uncle Gary wanted his name in this, too. So it should read Aunt Becky & Uncle Gary said.....