Friday, November 20, 2009

mini-vacation to Santa Monica

I took a 4 day mini-vacation to California last weekend and let me say that it was much needed! I was more than ready for sun, sand and In-N-Out. :)

I left my 40D at home and brought along my little Canon point and shoot as well as my Holga. I'm still waiting for the lab to process the Holga pics, but here are some of my favorite digital ones (all of these were taken by the pier in beautiful Santa Monica):

Randomly enough, some fellow Seattlites happened to be down in the LA area the same weekend. One of those was my sister Jamie (she's the one on the right in both the shadow pics and on the left in the pic below).

I'm usually never in pics when I go on vacations by myself, so I took advantage of Jamie and asked her to snap one of me, messed up beach hair and all:

Who can I thank for my beach hair? My friend Huy who was down from Seattle as well. He made sure I jumped in the ocean at his favorite surf spot:

I've been back in Seattle since Monday and I'm already thinking about my next sunny getaway. Any clients interested in a tropical photo shoot? ;)

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