Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome to Amandruary!

Yes, Amandruary.
My friend renamed February in honor of my birthday and I'm taking this month to celebrate. When I say celebrate I don't just mean partying it up (although there will be some of that for sure), I mean letting myself truly enjoy this whole month and do the things that make me happy.

Example #1: At 2am on February Amandruary 1st I had a craving for mac & cheese, but instead of talking myself out of it like I'd normally do, I went ahead and indulged, savoring it's processed-cheesy-deliciousness. Stove top mac & cheese never tasted so good!

Example #2: The sun was shining on Amandruary 2nd and even though it was bitterly cold I decided to pretend it was summer and wear my cute Spun beater tank outside...without a jacket. Totally worth the goosebumps.

Example #3: Yesterday I rolled my car windows down and blasted Skeelo's "I Wish" while dancing along and rapping very loudly. This is something I do frequently, but the difference was that this time I didn't stop when other drivers gave me funny looks. In fact, I kinda hoped they would hear the song and rap along with me (it didn't happen, but I think I'll keep trying over the next couple weeks). 

Throughout the month, I'll continue sharing the fun things I do in celebration of my 27th year of being alive. One of these fun things is another giveaway which I'll reveal on Friday. You want a hint? Let's just say that I really love Spun and want others to love it too. ;) 

Until then, here are a couple snap shots from my beautiful sun-filled-bitterly-cold day:

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