Monday, March 8, 2010

2010 Vancouver Olympics :: Seattle Portrait Photographer

The energy in Vancouver was unreal during the Olympics

The streets were packed, TV's were up everywhere, 

people were decked out in their country's flag,

faces were painted,

store fronts received Olympic makeovers,

Olympic rings popped up around every corner,

street vendors were everywhere (including this group of people giving out free hugs),

there was cheering & crying in the streets when Canada defeated USA in the gold medal hockey game,

and there were unique fans everywhere!

I feel very privileged to have been in Vancouver and had so much fun taking part in the festivities!


15 said...

I like the way all the pics turned out, and how you matched them together. You are the BEST!

Juz said...

Greetings from Cape Town.
Your photos are absolutely stunning.

Amanda Waltman - Art of Subtlety Photography said...

Thanks for the kinds words 15 & Juz! :)