Monday, June 14, 2010

firefighters :: Seattle Portrait Photographer

I had an awesome opportunity to photograph my friend Doug and his fellow trainees at the Fire Training Academy in North Bend. It was so different from anything I've photographed and it gave me a greater appreciation for what Doug and the other students go through in order to become firefighters. 

As I was driving home from the facility, I kept thinking that I should have said thank you to everyone. It takes a truly selfless person to do what these men and women will be doing...putting themselves in danger's way...possibly sacrificing their lives...all in order to save people they don't know. So I'm taking the opportunity now to say thank you to everyone that puts their life on the line to help others.


Celeste said...

So true!!! Thank you sooo much... and great pictures by the way!!

zoom yummy said...

Oh, gorgeous pictures. I wish for those guys to have as little work as possible. I'd like them to stay in their offices all the time. :) I hope they understand what I mean. :) Petra