Monday, April 18, 2011

The Strands :: Seattle Portrait Photographer

Here are some adjectives that describe Courtney and Jeff:

rad, funny, generous, gorgeous, super cool, witty, hot, genuine, playful, adventurous, awesome-sauce, and did I mention good looking? Because I actually meant super good looking.

Courtney found me on Twitter and from all of her tweets I knew we would get along swimmingly (in fact, it's because of her tweet about Iceland's killer travel deal that Nate and I went there last month)! She had mentioned awhile back that she would be in the market for business photos and I was so excited when I got an email from her husband Jeff! I mean really though, when you get an email that starts off with, “My wife is in love with your work,” how could you not be excited? :)

We photographed at Volunteer Park and here's a sampling of that super good lookingness I was telling you about:

If you want to see more photos and read what Courtney had to say about the session, head over to her blog!

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