Monday, October 13, 2008

Bella Italia!

It was so cold in my house that it woke me up this morning. While looking for more blankets to pile on the bed, I got to thinking about how warm it was while I was in Europe this summer and that's when I decided that I needed to blog my vacation photos. I know, I know...vacation photos usually elicit a yawn from most people, but I'm one of those rare breeds who actually enjoys being invited over for a vacation photo slide show. However, recognizing that I am a rare commodity, I will keep the photos short and simple. Today...Bella Italia!

the road leading to the Colosseum

stained glass window in a small Roman church

very cool graffiti near Circus Maximus

the Colosseum

door buzzers in Firenze

I loved this alley

sunset over the Ponte Vecchio

rain, rain, and more rain in Venezia


Tomorrow...La belle France!

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