Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I traveled up to Edmonds the other day to help my friend Heather bake cupcakes. Well, it was more like me snacking on yummy goodies and watching her make them.

While I was there, she introduced me to her cats, one of which loved having his picture taken. No need to tell me twice! I took a break from cupcake sampling, grabbed my camera and photographed Hamish, a handsome little guy with the bluest eyes I've ever seen.

Doesn't he look like he should be on a cover of Cat Fancy? ;)

Not only is he a good looking cat, he's also handy in the kitchen. He was watching Heather closely to make sure all of the cupcakes were meeting his high standards.

Here's a sneak peek of a beautiful cupcake masterpiece, baked and designed by Heather:

I'll post more yummy creations soon...


Grace@PoeticHome said...

Yes, Cat Fancy here you come!

The picture of the cupcake creation is just heavenly too! I love the nostalgic feel of it.

Heather said...

Cat Fancy for a fancy Ham? Hehe. I think he had more fun than we did! Thanks again for the pictures!!! I can't wait to see more!