Wednesday, March 4, 2009

delicious cupcakes!

Craving something sweet and fun? I know just what you need...

a Pin Up Cupcake!

Heather, a great friend and owner of Pin Up Cupcakes in Edmonds, WA, makes some of the most delicious and beautiful cupcakes I have ever tasted. What's even more amazing though is the art that goes onto each one. I watched in awe as she created roses from frosting, birds from melted chocolate, and orcas from Twinkies(!). Simply amazing.

When I hosted a Cranium party she brought "Game Night" themed cupcakes. She formed playing cards, dice, and poker chips from fondant and painted them so well that for a minute I thought they were real! She put all of the cupcakes out on my table so that they formed a game board. Genius. And delicious! So delicious in fact, that by the time I grabbed my camera the cupcakes were gone. Guess that means I'll just have to order more. :)

Pin Up Cupcakes
Edmonds, WA

These birds are gorgeous pieces of chocolate yumminess!

Cupcakes in my Easter basket? Yes please!

Gotta love Oreo "dirt".

Yep, those are salmon with the Orca. Very Pacific Northwest.

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Tigereyes0629 said...

Beautiful cupcakes and pics! You two are amazingly talented!