Friday, June 19, 2009

Fashion Friday: Spun

Recently I was asked what I photograph on my own time; something I do that keeps me busy when I'm not taking pictures for clients; something that inspires me to push myself and be a better photographer. My answer was fashion. I love looking through fashion magazines, fashion photos online, fashion catalogs (the June Anthropologie catalog is to die for!). I love typing the word "fashion" into Flickr and finding pictures that speak to me (like this one and this one). So...

I've decided that Fridays will be "Fashion Friday" on my blog. This one will be short and sweet being that I have to catch a plane pretty soon (the blog post tomorrow will fill you in). This is me and the super cute
Diane Wrap Dress I got from Sara Seumae's clothing line, Spun.

I know I've blogged about how awesome she is before, but I'm going to do it again! :) I love her clothing so much and I always get compliments whenever I'm wearing any of her pieces. If you haven't checked her out, do it! Not only is her clothing awesome, she's pretty darn awesome herself.

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Sara said...

Oh Amanda...thanks so much for all the love! You are truly a talented photographer and I tell everyone I meet to check out my site to see your work. It's not enough to just point a camera at someone and push a button. You bring forth your passion and loving personality through all the photographs you take. This is apparent in your photos and I love working with you on SPUN and having my daughters photographed. Thanks for being amazing! <3 Sara