Wednesday, October 7, 2009

mmm...New York Cupcakes

I've had an email or two (or three or four) asking where I've been and what I've been up to lately. Well, I've been lucky enough to have had tons of people, places and things to photograph the last couple of weeks, and getting caught up is taking some time...ok, taking a LOT of time. I promise to post pics of what I've been doing starting with these from my shoot for New York Cupcakes.

(on a side note, I've been updating my Twitter account, so feel free to follow me by clicking here)

I had the absolute pleasure of working with New York Cupcakes, a deliciously amazing cupcake shop located in Bellevue. Their store has a cool vintage feel and is oozing with various shades of pink. Fun goodies fill the shelves, including retro-chic party hats, lollipops, kid-sized aprons...

...funky clocks, cupcake toppers and even happy hour frosting shots! :)

I photographed a bunch of cupcakes, including these pastel pretties...

 these gorgeous wedding ones...

and these chocolate-raspberry morsels.

Taste testing was certainly a perk during this shoot and I am officially in love with every flavor. If you haven't tried a New York Cupcake, you are missing out and must run to their store! Then, after you've fallen in love with their gooey treats, go online and vote for them on King 5's Best of Western Washington.

Another reason to love New York Cupcakes? They're offering 2 ways to get a free mini cupcake this month:

1) vote for New York Cupcakes here, then print out your voting confirmation and bring it in the store before October 11th

2) bring in $1.00 to donate to St. Jude's

And if you're looking for suggestions on which one to try, I'd like to point out the uber yummy Halloween mini!


charitylynnephoto said...

The wedding cupcakes turned out great!!!

Amanda Waltman - Art of Subtlety Photography said...

Thanks Charity! :)

Anonymous said...


Do you know if she was at the Northwest Events Show at the Convention Center a couple of weeks ago?

Good pictures as always!!

Anonymous said...

P.S. The last comment was made by your favorite Aunt.