Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Iceland :: Seattle Travel Photographer

Iceland was perplexing to me as a photographer. I went into the trip thinking that I would produce these amazing photographs of Iceland's landscapes and that I would come back with photos that were truly special and unique, but from the moment I saw the snow covered lava fields during sunrise, I was stumped. I didn't know how I'd be able to capture the immense volcanoes, the never ending sky, the mountain ranges that spread out and went on for what seemed like forever. Truth be told, I kind of shut down. I didn't even bother picking up my camera the first day there. The second day I had it by my side but didn't really know what to do with it other than take photos of Nate and I in front of landmarks and tourist spots. It's not that I wasn't inspired by the breathtaking scenery, it was that there was so much breathtaking scenery I felt I couldn't do it justice. My senses were overloaded and there was no way my camera could accurately translate what I was seeing, feeling, smelling and hearing into a photograph...but I tried:


Anonymous said...

You are amazing! Your alluring photos capture the warm friendly and mysterious beauty of your journey. Bravo I'm so impressed.

Patty Liu said...

Amanda, these are remarkable. Thank you for documenting, I already have an awful itch to go to Iceland and this is making it worse! So beautiful.