Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Certificates :: Seattle Family Photographer

Mother's Day is almost here and the perfect gifts for the moms in your life are photo session gift certificates!

You can give a soon-to-be-mom a maternity photo session.

You can join forces with your siblings and give mom an updated photo (added bonus for you: the photo that's currently on the wall - you know, the one with your braces and hair style from high school - can finally come down and be replaced with one you're not embarrassed to look at).

You can surprise mom with a photo session for just the girls.

You can win major Dad points for bringing out a smile like this from your wife.

You can give grandma photos of her grandkids - she'll love showing them off to all her friends at their next church social. 

Call or send me an email and together we'll figure out the photo package that your mom (or wife, or even grandma!) will love!

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