Thursday, October 16, 2008

'Ello England!

I had always heard that England's weather was very similar to Seattle's and while that might be true most of the time, it definitely was not the case while I was there. I remember calling my family to let them know I was alive and well and getting very tan. All they could talk about was how rainy it was back home. Rain in the summer? No thanks. England was treating me well so I decided to stay a little longer than planned.

my fiance's parents were married in this church

I love that the houses have names!

St. George's Cross

an old phone booth in the town of Sandwich

the Victoria Memorial

the view from the London Eye

a "London Eye-Pod" :)

I can't resist a great photo fact:
Photographer Iain Macmillan only had 10 minutes to take the photo for the cover of the Beatles Abbey Road album--talk about being under pressure!


Tomorrow...we're off to Wales!

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